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Coating & Waterproofing

Commercial Roofing Contractors for Central Arkansas

At Freedom Roofing Solutions, Inc., our commercial roofer team can restore your roof via a fluid applied coating system. Most fluid applied systems are viewed by accountants as maintenance expenditures. This allows coating systems and their repairs to be tax deductible. They also increase the energy efficiency of your roof. Call today for service in Central Arkansas!

Offering commercial roofer services for Central Arkansas!

The typical fluid applied coating system application process begins with pressure washing the substrate at 3000 psi to insure a clean working surface. Any needed repairs are made to the substrate. It is then prepared for the coating by sealing exposed fasteners, laps, and seams. A base coat is applied before the final finish coat. Both roofs and vertical exterior walls can be treated with this type of system.
  • Fluid Applied Systems
    • Roofs
    • Vertical exterior walls
    • Types
      • Elastomeric
        • Water based or acrylic
        • Solvent based or SEBS
        • Natural oil based
      • Urethane
      • Ceramic
    • Manufactured by Thermo Manufacturing
  • Membrane systems
    • Below grade waterproofing
    • Foundations
    • Manufactured by Sika Corporation
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