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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing for Central Arkansas

Questions about Metal Roofing from Freedom Roofing Solutions:

Are metal roofs Energy Star Approved?

Yes, Freedom Roofing only chooses Manufacturers who provide Energy Star Approved products. Many conventional roofing materials, asphalt shingles, for example, absorb energy from the sun. Metal, on the other hand reflects most of the sun’s rays. At days end, metal also cools more quickly. As a result, the attic space remains cooler, as does the occupied space below. Conventional roofing materials tend to absorb and retain heat, therefore requiring more energy to maintain a cooler building. For standing seam metal roofing services, call us today!

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Metal Roofing Central Arkansas
Can I install a Metal Roof over my existing Roof?

Yes. Because of the light weight of metal, it is easily installed over existing roofing materials, without the disposal problems commonly associated with re-roofing projects.
Metal Roofing Central Arkansas
Will it look good?

Freedom Roofing can turn your flat roof into a pitched roof by fabricating on site a light gauge metal framing system. Freedom Roofing specializes in on-site roll forming of our metal panels. On site roll forming has several distinct advantages versus ordering pre-made panels from a manufacturer.

We provide a continuous panel that eliminates leak prone end laps and panel splices. (Main cause of roof leaks after improper installation practices) Panels can be roll formed in lengths greater than 50 feet. Freight damage is limited and job delays are minimized. Panels that are formed on site solve problems where an exact fit panel can easily be fabricated immediately without delay. Actual field measurements can be taken on site to avoid delays. A new metal roof can dramatically improve the look of an existing building without the costs of new construction.
Metal Roofing Central Arkansas
Will it cost more than conventional roofing?

Although the initial cost of metal roofing is higher, the life-cycle costs are substantially lower than conventional materials. A metal roof will provide years of low maintenance service life. Freedom Roofing metal panels are formed from a 24 gauge galvalume substrate and have a Kynar finish applied from a wide color selection. The Kynar finish will provide a 25 year color warranty with most colors that can be selected.

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